Thursday, December 20, 2012

Maintenance time

Finally got a chance to put the Ironhead back up on my lift and address some issues-  first and foremost cut the exhaust in the front and raised it up an inch, the muffler would drag in hard right turns.

Then Danny machined some stainless rocker nuts for the left side to replace the crappy plastic tipped Harley garbage.

Finally, got the new 7/16" conical head bolts in the sprocket.  A while back, three of the 5/16" bolts sheared off and one jammed into the chain adjuster as I was coming into the driveway.  The wheel is tapped for 5/16" bolts, however the sprocket was designed for 7/16", rather than drill and tap out the wheels I expected the smaller bolts to hold the sprocket centered with the flanges-  WRONG.  The extra slop and leverage of the spacer caused them to loosen.  Danny machined the spacer holes to 7/16" and straightened the pattern (the spacers were on the bike when I got it, and mis-machined), and I drilled and tapped the wheel.  We did the same thing on the brake side for peace of mind.

Also resealed the generator for the FOURTH time.  Let's hope it stops leaking now, LOL

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