Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mid-May update

Made this seat: 

the Ironhead is looking like this so far:

All the various stamps Danny has CNC machined.  Need a logo leather stamp?  Hit out Big Cartel store

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Random happenings part 2

Bought a Singer 206k for sewing together upholstery and small projects.  Does three layers of thin leather, straight and zigzag, and for a good price.  Couldn't be happier.  Except for the expensive obsolete needles......

Also got a Singer 29k58, manufactured in 1934.  What a beauty!  Obviously you can see the size difference, and it will do half an inch of leather!
Did some CNC machining for a wallet stamp.

Bought a Singer 401a Slant-O-Matic.  Amazing!  Hundreds of stitch patterns, lots of accessories, twin needle setup,  just super cool.  Made in 1957, cabinet included, works great.  Will handle 3 layer of leather, but will not do decorative stitches in it.  Is happy with two layers,  will do fancy stitches in upholstery leather which is fine by me-  monogramming, decorative edges, etc., will all kick up our game.

Learned the basics of sewing.

got some really fancy scissors.  Learned to use the circular stitcher.

Remi got her cone off!

Welded up the tail section on the Dragster finally.  Wait-  forgot to upload progress pics of the tail.  Oh well, here it is done.

Back view, working out the tail light.

Sewed together a file roll, our first real project on the sewing machine!

Made a dual reservoir master cylinder mount for the '65 Econoline project.

Just a bunch of random happenings in April and May

Ichi got a shirt

I got a Sportster Bicycle-  Roadmaster, from the 90's.  Been looking for one of these babies for a while.

Remi got in a fight.

Made some Bic covers for TRIco

Made some Burrito Bags for TRIco

Made a killer Dice van Burrito Bag, shag carpet included

Made a Richard Pryor "Car wash" wallet

The Can am Spyder key covers are still proving popular, made a slight design change so they fit better

Made a bunch of Backfire Moto flasks

Did a single backbone conversion and dropseat on a 1981 Honda CB750c

Made this cool sheath for a friend's grandpa's knife

Had some killer sunsets