Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Alright alright...

.... stop what you're doin'
'cause we're about to ruin
the image and the style
that your used to:
 My, that's a big... cylinder you have there

 We debated for a month on how we were going to cool the oil on the Ironhead-  it gets deathly hot and it's been 90-100 degrees here for the past month and a half.  The oil bag we made was only a 1.75 quart setup-  BAD for keeping the system cool!  So,  I decided on this 12"x3" heat sink aluminum cooler to sit where the horseshoe bag goes around the frame. 
I was worried when I built the bike that the 4" stretch hardtail would leave an ugly gap in front of the rear wheel.  problem solved!  And,  judging by the immense heat that eminates between my legs now it is doing its job! 

Alias: CRAZY RACK continued....

Still feeling this one out-  the pipes,  MEH,  the oil bag,   MEH!  The tank shape, the ride height, the wheel size, and frame:  BINGO!  Gotta start working in this one, because kick only magneto Sportsters are PLAYED  (so says the brother with one bad knee now!)

Gow Job

Blast from the past-  the legendary '28 Model A sedan that we turned into a cut down "A-Bucket"-  460 power, four wheel power discs, heavy duty X-frame, and really the first project where we figured out what we were doing and hand made everything on the car.  Oh, what we would give for a big block hot rod again!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Putting the cart before the horse...

Finished another metal sculpture- of the Ironhead that is still being mocked up.  No idea what the headlight, seat, etc. will even be, or if it will have a side fairing even.  But damn that model is cool! hehehe

Friday, August 3, 2012

New wallet finished


Paint's not even dry on the other Ironhead before tearing into this one.  Old frame and bodywork was just plain STANK!  This is obviously justa  mockup, and we will be making all the bodywork and seat for this, but that Sherpa tank just has the PERFECT shape and size for this stretched out frame.  Going for a cool dragster inspired look, and it will possibly have a full fairing.....

Not a bolt-on....

Whoever said a 1980 Ironhead Sportster engine would fit in a 1970-1978 frame has never tried it!  It will work the other way around ( a 1970-78 engine in a 1980 frame), but the 1980 and on engine has a deep sump, and the original crossmember needs to be cut out, along with the peg mounts (left side hits a large reinforcement area of the side case), and the crossover linkage tube (still shown in this photo) hits the rear of the left case.  Overall the 1980 engine is beefier.  I also had to remove some material from the swingarm pivot, the old swingarm is larger and also the swingarm pivot nut on the left side hits the side case.  last m od was to heat the lower rails and pound a flat into the right side where there is a large bulge in the right side case.   All in all the mods were worth it, rather than writing off this (much cooler) 1972 frame and trying to modify the garbage 1980 frame.

More Model Madness

this one made by Danny, so he could say that his XS is finally completed!  hahaha, just kidding,  the XS will actually be ridden for the first time today......