Thursday, December 22, 2011


The two MOST important steps of any build are when you mock all the pieces up and stand back for a peek, and (of course) when you test roll it down the driveway to see how it will feel!

3 Cool Dudes

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Blessing!

This is Remi (Remington Huntress Dog).  A 7 year old female Shiba-Inu that we adopted this week.  She is a little doll and a perfect Christmas present!  Our male Shiba, Ichi, is very happy as well!


Farewell, Sportster.  We will miss you so.  Please keep us posted on your travels!  (The Harley shipped to its new owner overseas yesterday)  :-(


The tank for our Model 199 Sherpa is almost finished.  Pressure test and paint/body is the last step.

Ground Zero

welcome to the Busch Brothers' new blog.  We're going to use this to post up cool pics, project updates, and more.  We're trying to get more away from Facebook.  Stay tuned while we figure this Blogger crap out!