Monday, July 29, 2013

May-June-July Misc pics update

Been meaning to to get a lot of these pics up, so here it is:

Article on the One Moto show back in february hit the Horse

Picked up a couple really neat old sewing machines

Revamped our guest bedroom into our new leather studio

Also revamped our Burrito bag-  now suede lined and with some jazzy tooling.  Available in our webstore-

More TRIco and DicE product

Wallets for Blackhorse Cycle

Number plate and bar pad for Gary at Sideburn magazine

Hand forged brass wallet hooks and leather wallet lanyards fro TRIco

"Fish Finger" sissy bar bag for Matt

Clutch purse for Tina
Painted this sign on Pine board

Oh yeah, picked up these two badass anvils-  200 pound Trenton forged anvil and unknown 65 pound cast "USA" anvil.  Gearing up for some serious backsmith work.

Alligator print king / queen seat

Used the Singer 29k58 to put together our first fully machine sewn project-  this leather king/queen seat.  Learned a LOT!

Tooled leather sissy bar fuel holder

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Art Deco Helmet

Just finally getting some time to update the blog with projects from the past month and a half-  we did this Biltwell helmet for Rockerbox in Milwaukee, WI.  It's the tenth year of the motorcycle gathering at Fuel Cafe, and it's going to be huge!  The helmet will be auctioned off for the Seel Shoe Fund to aid injured riders, so BE THERE August 3rd  for the curated auction to bid on the helmet!
We did all the paint, leather work on the interior, aluminum clamshell visor, and machined Rockerbox art deco badge.  Photos by Asa Gilmore.