Monday, July 29, 2013

May-June-July Misc pics update

Been meaning to to get a lot of these pics up, so here it is:

Article on the One Moto show back in february hit the Horse

Picked up a couple really neat old sewing machines

Revamped our guest bedroom into our new leather studio

Also revamped our Burrito bag-  now suede lined and with some jazzy tooling.  Available in our webstore-

More TRIco and DicE product

Wallets for Blackhorse Cycle

Number plate and bar pad for Gary at Sideburn magazine

Hand forged brass wallet hooks and leather wallet lanyards fro TRIco

"Fish Finger" sissy bar bag for Matt

Clutch purse for Tina
Painted this sign on Pine board

Oh yeah, picked up these two badass anvils-  200 pound Trenton forged anvil and unknown 65 pound cast "USA" anvil.  Gearing up for some serious backsmith work.


  1. Did you guys say you have or were going to build a "Gingery" design gas forge..?(or did I dream that...?) Since my coal forge was ripped off, and because I live in a citified area, I'm thinking about a gas forge for my next one. Just been doing small stuff with a rosebud torch. Did see two anvils for sell at a metal yard today...boy they were pricey!

  2. YES- we are doing the Gingery gas fired forge, from the book "Atmospheric Forge and Heat Treat Oven), fired by propane. I have seen some OK priced coal forges around here, and they are affordable, and they impart more carbon into the metal, but they are MESSY! hahaha We also live a half a block from a fire station, so doubt they would approve of all the smoke upon getting it stoked up, you know? Maybe down the line we will go that route, but for the immediate future the propane forge is the way to go. We have all our hammers, tongs, anvils, and work area. Now we just need a more efficeint way to heat the metal :-)