Sunday, December 30, 2012

CRAZY RACK: mockup swingarm

hmmmmmmmm.......  not so sure on the longer arm now.  It really kicks that wheel out the back.....
Plus, the monoshock setup won't work without drilling a massive hole in the top of the arm, which would further weaken it.  Not sure that will work.

With the Harley shocks.  That's cool, a little bit wide maybe but it would work.

Shocks moved back to give a better ride.  Doesn't look as good, and it would require some healthy beef where they mount, which means a lot of rebuilding of the original mount.

Looks good- but the right side shock would hit the chain.

NOW, we're on to something!  Let's think this one over for a bit.....

Closeup of clearance cuts made to the swingarm to fit.

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