Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Build Life

When people ask us how much money is invested in the CNC milling setup, they choke when we tell them that it's more than a nice used car, or two, or three.  We drive broke down vehicles that we can barely trust around town in order to buy tools capable of turning an idea into a product in a four hour span.  From the design, to the coding, to cutting the blank, to testing the code, to milling a stamp, to pressing leather in the hydraulic press, we can have a new product line in half a day.  And that is pretty much what is meant by "build life" on this latest keychain-  sacrificing normal creature comforts and devoting that time and money to a craft.   By the way, if you are need of your own custom CNC'd leather stamp, or any variety of small, one-off machined bits, contact us here.

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