Saturday, December 29, 2012

Going long: CRAZY RACK returns

Just mocking this longer aluminum swingarm up to the ironhead dragster project.

It's like it was MADE to fit!  Same inside width-  some machining off one side to fit between the engine case and the frame, and BAM! 

About 4 inches longer

Same inside width!  Adjuster design will be tricky though, hmmm.....

Pivot bolts are within 6 thousandths!  No messy or time consuming spacer machining!


  1. Sweet Fabrication! That just looks awesome guys!

  2. it's off a Yamaha YZ490, one of the worst suspension designs of all time! LOL, ditched the linkage and monoshock from that. Got it cut down and mocked in place, and am unsure what to think of it at this point. We'll have to think it over for a little while, but we'll post some pics up shortly :-)