Friday, August 30, 2013

August Update, pt. 2

Tried our hand and body lead work-  wow, that takes some practice!  Much better than Bondo, though.

These two were the first failed attempts at painting the Davida helmet-  never before seen!  Just not feeling how they came out, so sand down and start over.  Glad we did, because the dart board was way better IMHO.....

More tools in prep for blacksmithing!

The '87 Sportster made it into the Horse Backstreet Choppers

Made these can coolers, for sale in our web store:

Buddy's mustang after all the bodywork, ready for clear coat
Machined some hubs for Drake "Smoking Seagulls" McElroy

Finally started casting the inside panels of our forge / heat treat oven!  So excited to get going on casting, blacksmithing, etc.

The Bultaco made it back from Portland!!!!  It's been on vacation at See See Motorcycles since April

Cranked out 17 of these killer TRIco brass key fobs-  buy them at

Made it to Bonneville-  there was lots of salt!  For all the pics, check out

Made this leather work apron and these wallet lanyards, for sale

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