Monday, April 8, 2013

Making a Tank, pt 2

back to the wheel to concave the tank around the bulge, sort of the signature Bultaco Sherpa shape

Danny making a buck to hammer the top edge of each side around, he then used a router to round the edges

side clamped to the buck, beating wildly.  It worked, somewhat...

but needs more annealing


now more hammering at the top edge on the beater bag

Now to use the shrinker on the top edge to bring the fronts of each half in towards the backbone
now we have the right shape up top- and you can see how the shrinker brought the fronts in, and overlapped them. 

Now to trim each half down the top centerline
yup, we're getting somewhere now



yesssssss  a mirror image of the old tank!
more soon


  1. And, the reason it looks like a trials because it was based on A tank from a Sherpa T. Should have read parts one and two first, I guess!!!

  2. haha yes, the Taco tank looked so perfect on there. I actually would have ran it, bit ethanol destoryed the plastic and cracked it all over :-( Plus, this new tank is a bit more rounded to go with the fairing we will make, plus it holds a lot more since it's longer and the tunnel will be about 3" more shallow

    1. Ethanol!! Damn! I've got a Pursang 250 that I'll have to watch out for with it's tank...supposed to be some new coatings for plastic tanks, have to look into that. Very nice job on that tank. Youse guys and that Shinya, beating the heck out of that alloy. Want Tig welder at my place, maybe this year.

  3. The "Caswell" coating is very nice- I used it in the '70 Sherpa tank we had, and it withstood ethanol for months on end (fiberglass). Without it, the gas ate a hole in the side within 1 day :-(

  4. We are nowehere near Shinya level LOL- but, we are very good with a flap disc. I have yet to lay down a TIG weld I am perfectly happy with, but, the key is to make it leak proof and we are at least to that point haha