Thursday, February 28, 2013


South West Taco Bag and Busch Brothers Burrito Bags-  soon to be for sale at TRIco  Los Angeles:

No wondering why it's called the taco bag- big enough to carry a handy taco lunch on your sissy bar.
Clean appearance of the straps on the back side- this is important since it is the only perspective most people will get as you are splitting lanes past them. 

                                 Straps can go in or out-  they don't take up much room inside.

Called the Burrito Bag because it is just big enough for a proper sized burrito.  And because it is a funny sounding name.  Too many tool rolls are just way to big to hang off of the forks, this one fits just right on a narrow frontend.
Straps can be switched depending on your frontend, springer or forks.


  1. What! No burger bag? Those are great.

  2. it's coming! ha! Burgers are my favorite, but its hard to make a big round bag though hahaha