Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fish Stories


Went to the antique mall today looking for an old radio to play around with-  no old tube radios but one booth did have a lot of cool old fishing rods-  picked up the yellow and red/green striped one for $5!  A few of the others there were purchased at the same antique mall for about $7 each without the reels.

This one needs some repair-  but for $5 it makes a really cool piece of art to display.  there is no name on it anywhere, and by the looks of it I think it is hand made.

Just the handle alone was worth the cost!

Also picked up this tackle box FULL of tackle- a great price at $28 considering it was packed with everything you could ever need to go fishing, from sinkers to a scale to a fillet knife to vintage lures, flies, line, etc.

It also had in it this nice old Garcia Mitchell 300 reel- which completed the $5 rod!

This lure looked familiar, and when i got home, sure enough, there it was on the spine of "old Fishing Lures and Tackle"- a 2 1/2" "Jitterbug" by Arbogast

Home libraries are freaking great, aren't they?

Old fishing lures are just so cool.  Back when products were made to last, with chaacter.  This is one of my favorite fishing books.


  1. You scored with those lures! Carson river is calling...this summer! In 1965-66 you could get a Mitchell 300 reel for $13.88. A Garcia reel would cost about $ for under 30 you were set. This was at the Thrifty's in Rancho Cordova. Just a few of those lures probably covered your costs!

  2. I figured we could NOT go wrong, just buying a couple old reels on eBay was more than this whole box!