Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another frame up, hmmmmmmm??

Frame jig just about finished-  need to make a kingpost for each style of frame we plan to do, starting with pre-unit Triumph....

Took pics of every step and will compile an entire article on how it was made, why you need one, and how to use it, stay tuned.


  1. Been awhile since I dropped by here...glad I did. I've been mulling over a design for a frame jig for awhile...and what do I find...Looks good, might have to steal some ideas from you guys. Be looking forward to seeing more of this. Interestingly the reason I want one is for a pre-unit triumph project I have going. I'm actually bringing a badly hard-tailed 1957 frame back to a swingarm configuration. But now that I have accumulated enough parts, I might take the left overs and build a hard-tail as well. Keep up the good work brothers...

    1. hey Larry- we're working on laying out all the diagrams and dimensions right now, materials list etc. We've got the Triumph frame done now and will post a pic- new hardtail, new backbone, stretched downtube etc. The articale will be done shortly!