Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Alien Autopsy

 Got some serious X-files stuff going on here-  nah, just kidding, it's the "paint booth" we made up.  The first paint job was wet sanded because of some dust and orange peel, then recoated, but it immediately peeled up.  Bad mojo when you're using spraycans to paint.  So, it was taken back to base, re-primed, wet sanded, painted, annnnnnd...... a bug flew in the paint job.  OK, no prob, just a little bug.  Well, then the can malfunctioned and would only spray upside down!  ARGGH!!!  Kicked some stuff across the driveway, cussed it out, and STRIPPED it AGAIN!!!!!  OK, this time,  decided to build this dust free environment and go for it.  Well, it turned out bloody amazing, smooth as glass-  the 10 hours of sanding and prepping it paid off!

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