Friday, July 6, 2012


*Pow!* * Spit!*  (I'm just guessing that is what it will sound like, being an Ironhead and all).  But,  at least it will look snazzy doing it!

Not entirely sure if this air cleaner assembly merited as much effort as went into it-  3 days to be exact (to form and weld the top, drill and channel it, make the back half fit up to the top half exactly, weld a box on the back that bolts to the carb, and form the stainless mesh into a dome inside).  But, it's done now and at least matches the bodywork and accents of the bike much better than the round cleaner.   In retrospect I would have made the base FIRST,  and made the grill cover out of aluminum strips or rods.  Instead, we formed flat aluminum sheet, then drilled and cut out every channel.  Not a wise use of time IMHO.

Oh yeah, and in doing some final welding I burned through the bottom edge, and had to graft on an entire new piece to wrap under, but you'd never know had we not told you!

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