Thursday, October 8, 2015

Yamaha DT400- all done and FOR SALE!

Here's a project we never got around to posting details about, but it's a 1978 Yamaha DT400 2 stroke, with full custom aluminum body.  Frame shortened in the rear, custom leather seat, saddlebag and barpad, custom pegs, Root Beer brown frame,  too many details!  For a full list, check out Busch and Busch

$4200- Reno, Nevada

Recent Leather Projects

Here's a smattering of our favorite recent projects:

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New project- Triumph pre-unit

Back at working on our friend Asa's Triumph.  We built the frame way back in 2012, now we are finishing up all the bodywork, spacers, mounts, brakes, controls, etc.

Here's a peak:

Bonneville 2015 Cancelled :-(

So it's been a LONG time since an update (follow us on Instagram for more frequent posts)-  but man, such a bummer-  two years in a row?  Mother Nature is pissed off!

No Silver Fox run for this year, and we don't see any feasible cost-effective way to make it to El Mirage in the hopes they don't call it due to the weather or wind (which is frequently).

Monday, September 15, 2014

Final details on Sportster land speed bike

Breather for oil tank.

Pingel fuel valve.

Custom pegs machined by Danny, custom foot control, brake cylinder
is from Honda dirt bike.

All axle sliders, plates,end caps and spacers machined by us,
along with the entire rigid rear tube subframe.  (still need to get a good pic of that).
The brake slider was also hand fabbed, the caliper is 1980 Sportster, wheel is
from Fatboy, holes enlarged to 7/16" each side, and rotor and sprocket
were machined to fit.

The exhaust sits where the turbo should have- when we add that Garrett GT15,
the exhaust will move to the other side.


Some close-up Sportster shots

Seat made by us- it's super comfy  :-)

The fairing had to be notched for the air cleaner.

The tank "shell" flips up to reveal the tiny fuel cell.

Danny hand fabbed all the fender mounts.

The stingray-esque bat wings on the front windscreen-  It's all one piece,
so it takes some creative movements to get it off without disassembling
the entire frontend!

The bag actually holds about 6 quarts of oil!  We were worried
since we had to make it single sided so the turbo would have room
on the other side.

Time for a Sportster update

"Silver Fox II" version 1 is finished-  no turbo, and using the engine out of the '72/75, but it is complete and ready to race.  STILL undecided on whether we will make the Spet/Oct makeup for the SCTA Speed Week at Bonneville.  Otherwise, it's work on an engine build and turbo install and save our resources for next year! 



Friday, April 25, 2014

Sportster start to finish in one post!

Wow, been a LONG time since we posted up, lots of new projects finished, including this Sportster long bike.  Started as a roller with tweaked frame and terrible geometry- we fixed what we could, and fabbed everything else- tins, controls, bars, seat, paint, etc.  That's it in a nutshell!

First night we got it-  we actually had swapped to the pullbacks from a flat bar in the span of about 5 minutes, so it's not EXACTLY how we got it.  Yes, that's a fucking Swastika and SS bolts CARVED in the side cover.  Transmission ran DRY.  Ugh.....

Playing around with a tank and rear section we had.

Same tank, back to the first fender, new bars.

Narrowed and sectioned the fender, now we're on to something!

Had to make a new tank to match the digger look, remade the bars, shortened the sissy from it's previous incarnation, made a velvet seat.

The day before we left for Portland to the One Show 2014.  this bike came from nothing to this in a two month span, all labor done in house.

Franz von Stuck's "Sinnlichkeit" (painted by us on velvet), attached to the tank using magnets, the velvet is mounted on a pan shaped exactly like the top of the tank.  And yes, the cigarette lighter works!


Danny made the custom pegs on the CNC, we fabbed the whole control setup and it is BEEFY.

The 8-track, mounted in a one-off leather solo bag is probably the biggest contributing factor to winning the "Disco and Satin" award at the One Show!  And yes, it WORKS (after some repair)

And here is a shot of the ONE time I rode it.  Won't lie, it's a DEATH TRAP  with 55 degrees rake and 12 degrees trail, it is extremely hard to steer, from starting off all the way up to speed.  Wanders and flops like crazy.
So that's what December- January looked like for us on almost a daily basis.  lots of hard work put in, and we were still assembling the leather pieces on the way to the show LOL